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 L help for Quakenet

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PostSubject: L help for Quakenet   Thu 7 Apr - 19:21

Everyone who was on #nk.clan chann have seen that some of us have an @ at their names.
That is the channel operator sign. If you have it you can kick, ban users from #nk.clan or make some settings to the chann.

To have @ you must get an username (account) for it and then Pippy (since he is the chann manager) cann give you @ rights on that username.

To make a username go on quakenet and do this:
The username will be the same as your nick, so chose your nick well Smile
Write all the commands in the STATUS window of mIRC (it is better)

/msg Q HELLO your@emailadress.com your@emailadress.com
(A generated password will be sent to the email address you supplied)

Check your mail and then return to mIRC and log in to Q :
/msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org AUTH yourusername yourpass (user name and pass from the mail)

Now that you are loged to Q change your password.
Change your password by using the following command:
/msg Q newpass <old pass> <new pass> <new pass>
For example:
/msg Q newpass aCf125fdgh mynewpass mynewpass

Next time you are on Quakenet you must login to Q:
/msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org AUTH yourusername yourpass
When Pippy gives you @ rights then you can /msg L op #nk.clan yourusername
and you will have an @ Smile

Q and L are bots.Q is the big bot for big channels. We have just L, this is a bot for smaller channels like our. Anyway, you must log in to Q before you can give L commands.

Here some commands for L ( depends on your acces level that Pippy gives you)

After you are loged in, to get @ : /MSG L OP #nk.clan
Ban and Kick you can perform from the mIRC menu. Right click a nick from the nicklist and you will se the options.

More info at http://www.quakenet.org
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L help for Quakenet
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