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 Software you use

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Registration date : 2004-10-29

PostSubject: Software you use   Wed 3 Aug - 20:33

I am curious what Software you are using on your system. If some of us will post here then maybe wi will know new usefull Programs Smile


Internet Browser: Opera + Internet Explorer

Antivirus: AntiVir from H+BEDV (german, free, very good)

Firewall: Kerio personal Firewall (free) + Sygate Personal Firewall (free) + Router Hardware Firewall

Chat:: Yahoo, Aol, Irc, Icq, Msn, Xfire, Teamspeak

Photos: Slowview (something like Irfan View), MAGIX photo software(german, good one, not free)

Media Players: WMP, Winamp, Quicktime, Real One, ITunes, DivX and some Codec packs

Internet Transfers: Wise FTP, Getright, Kazaa Lite

CD/DVD Tools: Nero, DVD Shrink, Cyberlink Power DVD

System Tools: Aida32, RamBooster, SpeedFan

Misc: Open Office (like Word), WinRar
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PostSubject: Re: Software you use   Wed 3 Aug - 22:09

Internet Browser: Firefox + Internet Explorer

Antivirus: McAfee virusscan enterprise

Firewall: the one intgrated in windows xp

Chat:: msn, irc

Photos: photoshop, kodak easyshare, irfanview (thanks bor)

Media Players: WMP, Quicktime, Real One, DivX ,WinDVD,... and some Codec packs

Internet Transfers: Emule (thanks alain), Azureus (thanx jim), ACEftp

CD/DVD Tools: Nero, Clonecd (thanks alain)

System Tools: Advanced System Optimizer (very good, but demo Sad ), Adaware, spybot,...

Misc: MSOffice, WinRar, winzip and a lot catalogues, viewers, autocad, 3dmodels, solidworks, jcreator, ...
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Registration date : 2004-11-13

PostSubject: Re: Software you use   Thu 4 Aug - 0:23

Internet Browser: Internet Explorer

Antivirus: Norton Antivirus

Firewall: The one intgrated in windows xp

Chat:: MSN

Photos: None, but I have programs. My father recently got a new camera after his was stolen years ago (he had it for less than a month.)

Media Players: WMP, Quicktime, Real One (just installed last night), DivX codec, my father's new ITunes.

Internet Transfers: None.

CD/DVD Tools: None.

System Tools: Adaware, spybot,...

Misc: Office, WinZip, WinRAR, simply too many to count (can't think of any more.)
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Registration date : 2004-10-30

PostSubject: Re: Software you use   Thu 4 Aug - 22:39

OS: Win XP Pro, Win 2000

Browser: Opera, IE, Mozilla Firefox

Security: MCAfee, ZoneAlarmPro, Spamihilator, Spybot

Grafic: Photoshop, Thumbsplus, UltraFractal, Poser, Vue, Terragen, Irfanview, JoJoTumbs, Inkscape, PixVue

Media Player: WMP, DivX

Internet Transfer: FileZilla, eMule

CD/DVD: Nero, CloneCD, Feurio

System Tools: O&O Defrag, TuneUp Utilities

Misc: SpeedCommander, Allsync, MS Office, InfoRapid, Ultraedit, Archivarius 3000

Web Design: Frontpage, WebBuilder
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[NK]==D. Pippy==

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Registration date : 2004-11-10

PostSubject: Re: Software you use   Fri 5 Aug - 16:26

Windows XP Pro SP2

Microsoft Office

www: Mozilla Firefox

FTP: Smart FTP

communication: MSN MEssenger, mIRC, TS

web-editing: Frontpage

Photography: Canon Software Package, InfranView, Photoshop CS2

Video Editing: Virtual Dub, Sony Vegas, ADobe Premiere

misc: The All-Seeing, Eye, ET-minimizer, RAM-Booster, WinRAR, WindowsBlinds

music and movies: Windows Media Player, Winamp

cd,dvd :Nero Burning ROM, Daemon-Tools

downloads: DC++, BitLord
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Country and/or City : France, Paris
Registration date : 2004-10-26

PostSubject: Re: Software you use   Fri 5 Aug - 16:31

Windows XP Pro SP2

Microsoft Office 2003

www: Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox

FTP: Filezilla

communication: MSN Messenger, mIRC, TS, Skype

web-editing: Notepad++

Photography: //

Video Editing: //

misc: ET-minimizer, WinRAR, Pathfinder ET, Gif Movie Gear

music and movies: Windows Media Player, i tunes

cd,dvd :Nero Burning ROM enterprise edition, Daemon-Tools

downloads: Limewire

That's all :Wink: mid008 mid009


Xfire Nickname: kofiers
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Slick's Nurse
Slick's Nurse

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Country and/or City : Canada
Registration date : 2005-01-03

PostSubject: Re: Software you use   Sun 7 Aug - 21:02


OS: Windows XP Home. Mandrake.

Browser: Internet explorer , Mozilla.

SEcurity: AVG Antivirus, Zone Alarm.

Chat: Mirc, Msn, Xchat, Gaim.

Grafic: Photoshop, MGI photosuite.

Media player: Windows mediaplayer, Winamp, MMX.

Internet transfert: eMule, FTP Expert.


System Tools: Winboost, Startup Inspector.

Web desing: Dreamweaver.

Misc: Winrar
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PostSubject: Re: Software you use   Mon 8 Aug - 15:54

Instant Message: AIM and MSN

Internet: Netscape 8.0, Mozilla Firefox

Game:ET, CoD with UO, BF1942 and Gunz

Music: WMP and Jet Audio

Editing Program: IrfanView, JetAudi.
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PostSubject: Re: Software you use   

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Software you use
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