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 Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3)

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Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) Empty
PostSubject: Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3)   Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) EmptySun 12 Feb - 14:34

Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) Eagles2_a1

Quote :

Hi Loffy and all other Eagles lovers!

Just like you I loved this map but was disappointed with the objectives, especially the ending. So I have also been working on a new eagles version, but it has not yet been seen on public servers yet... Actually I have worked on this mapmod for many many months, but as I'm still a mapping noob (never made a full map myself - eagles have been kind of a mapping tutorial for me), I have not announced it as I wanted all ideas to be implemented properly first - and this have taken a while, with a lot of trial and errors

Anyway, as I see you are now looking at some of the problems I somehow have fixed in my map, I feel it's best to inform you about it now, so you can take a look and eventually copy the stuff you need (to avoid doublework).

Especially the bus - I have a working escort/damage/repair script and entities for the bus, which works pretty ok - it is not 100% complete yet, but the basic works, and trust me - the escortable bus make this map a lot more funny!

But I also done a lot of other changes, especially with the objectives and spawns, so my version is very different from your version Loffy - it's almost a different map.

I informed Drakir about my version a couple of months ago and got his permission to publish it as eagles2 when it was ready, so my plan was to release it as eagles2_alpha2 with all ideas implemented next weekend or so - hopefully ready for public playtest.

But I have a version called alpha1 you may try if you want a sneakpeek - the changelog/descriptions and many details are not ready yet, and there are some known bugs that are now mostly fixed, but it will show you the basic changes in objectives and gameplay. There is also some serious FPS problems in the alpha1 - in my ignorance I removed a bit too many caulk vis blockers and added too much other stuff, so fps may be a serious problem - especially around the bridge area. Working on fixing this in alpha2, seems to work a bit better but I'm still worried about fps. Considering to split the valley into two isolated areas, at the bustunnel (like fueldump).

[edit: pk3 link removed - email me if you want a sneakpeek]

I can send you the mapsource if you want it Loffy, but I would like to finish alpha2 first - should be ready before next weekend.

Sorry for the doublework, I'm not quite sure what we should do from here - merging could be an idea, but personally I see no problem having two alternative versions of Eagles, if we name them differently fex. Drakir made a really great map/terrain with Eagles, which I guess explains why so many wanted to finish it for him

btw, there is another version floating out there as well, called bunker-eagles - the only change I've seen in it is a semi-working bus script - you may take a look at that as well, as the bunker script seems simpler and more compatible with the original script. I've rewritten the script a lot and even changed some entity names, so it may be a bit of hazzle to revert back to eagles1.


Download (11,8 MB):


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Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) 3320926
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Number of posts : 821
Country and/or City : Europe ;)
Registration date : 2004-11-17

Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) Empty
PostSubject: Eagles 2 (Alpha 3) *UPDATE*   Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) EmptyTue 4 Apr - 16:35

*UPDATE* Alpha 3
Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) Eagles2_a1

Quote :


Eagles S2 (Scrupus Edition Preview 2)

This is a modified version of the Wolfenstein Enemy Territory map "Eagles" by Drakir (www.drakir.tk).
Please read the original readme file for the original information about this map.

Mapname: eagles
Readme file updated: 24.4.2005
Map released for preview/testing: 25.4.2005

Original author: Drakir (www.drakir.tk)

Modifications done by Stein Vråle aka Scrupus.
Feedback can be sent to scrupus@terminator.net

About this edition
I have always enjoyed the original scenarios and great visuality of Drakir's WET maps, and Eagles were no exception.
I loved Eagles on first sight, but after playing it for a while there were some issues in the gameplay that IMHO limited the maps full potential, mainly:

1. The autospawn system were confusing, as people were often spawning in the wrong place and therby lost track of the mission progress.
2. I never liked the ending objective (were allies dynamite the bridge to win) - even if the airfield were filled with defending axis the bus just moved in and completed the round.
It was also pretty simple for the allies to blow the bridge, so the ending battle were always completed very quick, and the airfield area never really used.
3. I also felt the sunny/yellowish athosphere where not right for a "behind enemy lines" mission - a dramatic map like this could have a more dramatic weather as well.
Some players even think it is a desert map because of the yellowish color.

Then I read on Drakirs website that he is no longer mapping for WET, and as he published the eagles source code I decided to take a look.
My first idea was only to get the bus escortable and repairable, but the scripting required for this is so complex that I still haven't get it working.
Instead, I got some other ideas while working the map, and finally ended up with the new ending objective and some other changes to make it more "realistic".
Not to much, but enough to make the ending totally different. And best of all - the bus still have a role to play, after reaching the airfield Wink

Please note that I'm not an experienced mapper, and have never built a Wolf map from scratch. For me, the work on Eagles have been a big tutorial mission,
where I could experiment and learn all the practical issues of map making in a working scenario, like using the GTKRadient editor, shaders, lightning,
compiling, scripting, and packaging. I haven't done much changes in the map itself (except for the new airfield radio area), but have added and improved many
of the more cosmetic issues, like limbo cameras and sounds - mainly to learn the WET mapping process and technology.

About this preview release
This preview is mainly for testing gameplay and see what players think about my changes. If they like it, I will finish this version and notify Drakir about the ideas behind.
I have a lot more ideas for this map, but will wait with those until I know what players and Drakir think about the current modifications.
This preview will only be availble for specially invited people, and I ask that no one put in on a public server without asking me first.
This is because there are still missing details that should be added and issues to be improved before it is ready for public gameplay.
Also note that my changes are made with a public server in mind, not competiton play - this is a defensive map, at least for now.

Wanted feedback
For this release, I'm looking for feedback on:

1. The ending objective/radio area. Is it more fun now than before? Is it to hard/easy for any of the teams (it probably need balancing).
2. Does it crash in any situation? Script errors? Let me know, as detailed as possible. I have a feeling the game crashes may sometime be caused by sound problems (too many sounds at once?)
3. Is the new sky/snow weather better or worse than the orignal? Notice that the lightning itself needs more work - I'm not satisfied with the current lights/shadows.
So for now, only the sky, color and snow is interesting to evaluate.
4. Spawning/castle attack. I'm still not happy with this part of the game, but it will require major changes to gameplay to improve it.
Current setup is slightly different than the orignal - not sure if it is better or worse.

Known issues:

1. Bus splines (the path it is driving) need adjustments. Ignore the unrealistic steering in the end of the route.
2. Lightning. Shadows and light does not look too well.
3. Need more details and rearrangments of covering objects in radio area.
4. Radio area should probably be protected against landmines to avoid too much mine spamming.

Gameplay changes:

* New final objective - Airfield Radio

A completly new (and fence protected) area have been created north of the airfield.
Allies must dynamite the Airfield Radio room (located under the big antenna) to win the mission.
The allies can't get access to the radio until the bus have breached the fence around the radio room.
The area is filled with crates and other stuff to give cover both for defenders and attackers - designed for close combat in the last minutes of a match Wink

* Wooden bridge reversed

Now the axis can dynamite the bridge, while the allies must repair it to get the bus over.
If the axis don't get time to dynamite the bridge before the bus arrive, they will get "help" - Luftwaffe will bomb the bridge to pieces (and perhaps some allies as well Wink

* Spawn system rescripted

The spawn/checkpoint scripts have been rewritten to be more robust and work properly in all situations.

* Town spawn

The 2 minute timer on the town spawn has been disabled - only way to get it permanent is to capture castel spawn. (exprimental)

* Castle spawn

Will be captured permanently first time the allies steal the spylist docs.
This is highly exprimental - goal is to make it a little easier for allies to get the docs.

* Tram Smoke

A puff of smoke will cover the tram in the castle tram station every time a tram wagon arrives.
This is also very exprimental, to help allies attack the castle.
Probably a bit too far, so this is for gameplay "research" - should probably be removed again.
..and more...read the info inside

Download (9,59 MB):


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Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3) 3320926
"It must be possible because it's almost impossible to prove it's impossible!"
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Eagles 2 (Alpha 1+3)
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