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 Frost (Final)

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PostSubject: Frost (Final)   Frost (Final) EmptySat 18 Feb - 0:38

Frost (Final) Frost_b1

Quote :

put the frost_final.pk3 in your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain folder and play.

If you have a ton of maps in your etmain folder its possible you cant run the map with the
ingame "host-game" option. In this case open the console and type "/g_gametype 2"
hit enter and then type "/map frost_final" hit enter again and
check it out.

The Allies must steal a Radar Prototype out of an Axis Castle and Escape with a Truck.

Objectives for Allies/Axis

- Destroy/Defend the North Tower Wall!.

- Destroy/Defend the South Tower Wall!.

- Open the Castle Gate/ Prevent this!

- Construct your Command Post!CP enables a forward Spawn in the Library.

- Steal/Defend the Prototype!.

- Steal/Protect the Prototype!.

- Get away with the Truck!. Dont let the Allies get away with the Truck

thx to all who helped readme
i hope i didnt forget anyone



Download (3,10 MB):


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PostSubject: Re: Frost (Final)   Frost (Final) EmptySat 18 Feb - 0:58

Cyburk's reply when I asked him what was new:

changes from beta3 to final are:

- time reduced from 25 to 20 minutes
- landmines can be placed in the snowpiles
- small things like, textures, and some light here and there
- the door to the objective cant be destroyed, now you have to open it manually
- sounds

all in all there where no "major" changes in the gameplay cause everbody was pretty happy about it.

from what i have seen the map seems to be best played by 6 to 20 players.


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Frost (Final)
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