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 Base 12 (Beta 3)

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Base 12 (Beta 3) Empty
PostSubject: Base 12 (Beta 3)   Base 12 (Beta 3) EmptySat 15 Apr - 11:37

Base 12 (Beta 3) Doverbridge_b2

Quote :

Description :

The axis are hideing new prototype rocket in the base and are almost ready to transport it to more secure place. Axis must defend it until the transport arrives while allies forces must destroy it before it will be tranported to more secure base.

1. "Destroy the base gate."
2. "Destroy the side entrance."
3. "Capture the forward bunker."
4. "Destroy the bunker main door."
5. "Destroy the protoype rocket."

1. "Defend the base gate."
2. "Defend the side entrace."
3. "Defend the forward bunker."
4. "Defend the bunker main door."
5. "Defend the protoype rocket."

Changes from fp -> a1:

- Some clipping
- Lights
- Voice announcements
- Fixed the allied objective description

Changes from a1 -> a2:

- Fixed the spawning in forward bunker problems.

Changes from a2 -> b1:

- Fixed that some axis players spawn back in the beginning.
- Added some clip and slick.
- Changed the entrance to health & ammo house.
- Changed the names of the two entrances. (Now first is 'Base gate' and second is 'Bunker Door'. Was two 'Main entrance'-s before )
- Made Axis entrance next to base gate.
- Moved axis first spawns little more back to give allies a couple of extra seconds until axis get on the wall after spawning.

changes from b1 -> b2:

- Fixed some lighting
- Fixed the health and ammo icon on the command map(was in the wrong place before)
- Added side entrance
- The trailer where the prototype rocket is located explodes with the rocket
- Also some smaller fixes but im not gonna write them all here Razz

Download (4,61 MB):


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Base 12 (Beta 3) 3320926
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Base 12 (Beta 3)
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