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 Nemorosus (Public Beta 4)

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PostSubject: Nemorosus (Public Beta 4)   Sat 15 Apr - 11:52

Quote :

Description :

----------Axis Objectives----------
Prevent the Allies from escorting the tank over the bridge.
Prevent the Allies from destroying the main entrance.
Defend the bridge.
Defend the side entrance.
Defend the generator.
Defend the gun controls.
Constuct the command post.
Destroy the Allied command post.

---------Allied Objectives---------
Escort the tank over the bridge.
Destroy the main entrance.
Construct the bridge.
Destroy the side entrance.
Destroy the Generator.
Destroy the gun controls.
Destroy the Axis command post.
Constuct the command post.


spawn 1 = Allied Drop Point (allied default)
spawn 2 = NW Command Post (axis default)
spawn 3 = Bunker
spawn 4 = Caves


Download (10,2 MB):


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Nemorosus (Public Beta 4)
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