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 TreeTop Final

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PostSubject: TreeTop Final   Sat 19 Aug - 16:17

Objective map
Axis attacking while Allies defending.

This map have 4 Tall Trees. You first need to repair the evelator generation or go to ladder shortcut near the first objective. reach it above allied's first spawn and u should find radio on that tree. Reach the key and unlock inside the other side of the door, they blow up the door on the lowest floor and then open the launch door and then activate the countdown to fire the rocket.

This map is really fun and it recommend for 16+ players, u get busy killing on the both spawn and it needed teamwork. Really fun map.
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PostSubject: Re: TreeTop Final   Sun 20 Aug - 14:33

(MxC)Karbrino wrote:
.... it recommend for 16+ players, .....
sorry Kofiers... muahahaha
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PostSubject: Re: TreeTop Final   Sun 27 Aug - 18:19

Good secret rooms! I just don't know how to get into them.
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PostSubject: Re: TreeTop Final   

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TreeTop Final
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