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 Peltiercooling or watercooling?

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Peltiercooling or watercooling? Empty
PostSubject: Peltiercooling or watercooling?   Peltiercooling or watercooling? EmptySat 18 Jun - 19:58

I wanna get my system to the max and peltiercooling is the max in cooling (up to 40 degrees celcius less heat on the processor) But the down part is that you have to insulate the rest of your stuff because of the condensation you get of the temperature drop.(dont know how it works but sounds quite nasty)
Or watercooling, good thing that it looks great Smile Bad thing is there is water in a running system (i think the good brands have good insulation in the hoses so they wont spill any fluid) and gives less cooling than peltier...

So any backup on this would be nice Smile
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Peltiercooling or watercooling?
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